Bistros & Restos 6th to 10th Arr.

Le Select Montparnasse

In the heyday of les années folles you might have discovered Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Man Ray, Fujita, or the irrepressible Kiki at the bar, or, on the terrace. And today, Terrance, M, Martin Walker, and Tiffany Hofstetter, discussing politics, art, theatre, literature-ah well, the gamut of culture. We had just seen a a great play at the Lucernaire, on the life of the acerbic critic and author Dorothy Parker, and perhaps inspired by her ever present bottle of Jack Daniels, M and I trotted around the corner to Select for a drink.

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Alcazar-6th arrondissement

Imagine a camera narrowly focusing on an image and then opening up onto a wide-screen panorama and you will have approximated the feeling when you enter Alcazar. This enormous ground floor dining room and wrap around mezzanine has been a fixture in the neighborhood for twenty years, and the just completed renovation with cozy banquettes and plants, has made this grand space warmer and more inviting.

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Penati al Baretto-Elegant Italian Dining in the 8th

Chef Alberico Penati’s resumé includes some of the world’s finest restaurants in London , Paris and grand-luxe hotels in Italy, including the Villa d’Este in Como and the Excelsior in Venice but he was keen to re-establish his presence and his cuisine in Paris and so, in collaboration with his friend and associate, Venetian businessman Pier Silli – founder of the Carpaccio at Royal Monceau – he returned early in 2014, opening Penati al Baretto. A mere six months after his arrival at Penati al Baretto, Chef Alberico Penati has earned a Michelin star.

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Bouillon Chartier

My last visit to Bouillon Chartier, the always jam-packed Paris institution that bubbles with energy and good cheer was in 1995. Happy to report still decent food at ridiculous prices. Today’s visit was prompted by my friend and reader, Angela Bellante, who was in town and celebrating her Steinway birthday-she has as many years as Steinway has keys. After a complimentary kir royal we scanned the extensive menu of classic bistro dishes and ordered a bottle of Klipfel riesling.

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Chez Monsieur

After enjoying one of the finest preparations of blanquette de veau that I have ever savored, I hereby dub this elegant bistro, The House of Blanquette de Veau.

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La Rotonde

Opened in 1911, La Rotonde was a hangout for the Lost Generation during les années folles. On any given night you were likely to bump into Hemingway, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Soutine, Picasso and others.

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Caméléon d’Arabian

Jean-Paul Arabian has been running Michelin-starred Paris restaurants like Ledoyen and celebrity haunts like Maxim’s for over forty years. I missed those experiences so I was delighted when I received a call inviting me to lunch at Caméléon d’Arabian a Montparnasse favorite of locals for nine years.

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Au 41 Penthièvre

After twelve years with Christian Constant at Le Violin d’Ingres where he started in the kitchen and eventually ran the front of the house it was time for Alexandre Lallemode to open his own restaurant.

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