Bistros & Restos 6th to 10th Arr.

1728 Hotel Mazin La Fayette-8th Arrondissement

The final Paris residence of the Marquis de La Fayette erected in 1728 by Louis XV’s architect Antoine MAZIN now has a chef worthy of the elegance and history associated with the building. Chef Nicholas ROUDIER spent sixteen years perfecting his craft, including a stint with 3-star chefs Alain Passard of ARPEGE and Eric Frechon of the EPICURE at Le Bristol.

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Bien Aimé-8th arrondissement

Louis XV and his Polish Queen would have felt right at home here and they should. Large oil paintings of the royal couple adorn the walls and you will sit in Louis Quinze chairs under the light of crystal chandeliers.

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Foyer de la Madeleine-8th arrondissement

Underground in the foyer of la Madeleine you will find the best meal deal in Paris. It is favored by bankers, shoppers, “ladies who lunch,” and the financially challenged who gather in an ambience of conviviality that crosses all cultural barriers.

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Boeuf sur le Toit-Classic Paris Resto-8th arr.

As the capital of cuisine and birthplace of the restaurant, Paris is a destination for “foodies” and cooks but it also represents a Paris state of mind where an elegant design, amiable service and an air of sophistication are as important as the food–Welcome to Le Boeuf sur Le Toit.

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Carton Rouge-Wine Bar & Bistro-9th arrondissement

This wine bar cum resto is friendly, youthful, priced correctly and as the logo indicates-all dishes are made on site with fresh products.

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Emporio Armani Caffé

It was one of those far niente days and I was meeting my friend Albert on the just remodeled Emporio Armani Caffé for lunch and a view of the passing parade. Across the blvd. Saint-Germain from the Café de Flore it attracts many of the same clients: actors, actresses, writers, and elegant shoppers who choose it for a business meeting, a quiet meal with a friend or lover or even alone as the charming woman to my left.

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Café Tournon-6th arrondissement

Walk in and take a step back in time to 1952-George Plimpton , Richard Wright and the ever lingering ghost of Josef Roth. Fortunately the new owners have done nothing to update the café and it looks much as it did in the halcyon days of the 1950s.

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La Méditerranée

What do you give a man on his 67th birthday? M had the answer: dinner at La Méditerranée.


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