A Day in Champagne (2)

A day in champagne, the effervescent paradise, is the ideal day trip for visitors and locals.

A day in champagne, the effervescent paradise, is the ideal day trip for visitors and locals.

Duration: 9AM-6PM approx.

Guide: Terrance Gelenter

Cost per person-see below including transportation

• 6 passenger mini-van from Paris-Champagne and back



 Champagne Roger-Coulon-Boutique (90,000 bottles) producer whose champagne can be found on the menus of Thomas Keller’s prestigious restaurants THE FRENCH LAUNDRY in California’s Napa Valley and PER SE in New York’s Warner Center.

Tour of the vineyard and cave followed by tasting of 3 champagnes


• Lunch at Café du Palais-Three course meal with appropriate champagnes.

In the Vogt family since 1930 it is a true family affair. The front of the house is overseen by Jean-François and his lovely wife Delphine. His brother-in-law Sébastien also works the floor and sister Isabelle cooks. The dining room is filled with art and hanging sculptures collected over the years.



Maison Fossier- A visit to the maker of the renowned Biscuit de Reims


Mosaics,_Carnegie_LIbrary,_ReimsArt Deco Carnegie Library


• Guided Tour of the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral featuring Chagall stained glass

6 persons–295 euros/person

Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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